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bento box

Coming Soon!


How high can you stack the sushi without letting them fall? Show us your skills!

cherry drop

A game about clouds, cherries, and sweet, sweet desserts. What could be better?

cross world

A crossword game for kids with over 300+ worlds and a nearly infinite number of combinations!

Newly released, What is PJ Panda doing? An interactive children's book app with touch animations, sound fx and mini games!


Founded in 2012 by Scott and Rhiannon Davenport, Melondrop believes in making games that give the user a fun, interactive experience with memorable characters and stories.

the team

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scott davenport

Scott is co-founder of Melondrop Games.
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rhiannon davenport

Rhiannon is Co-Founder and Lead Designer/Artist of Melondrop Games. Her goal is to reach out and inspire with cute art and addictive games.

sutakku sushi stacking game Download Sutakku, a sushi stacking game!

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