CrossWorld is a unique, educational crossword puzzle game for kids. With over 300 words of varying difficulty, and a near infinite number of puzzle combinations, your kids will be immersed in a world of crossword puzzle fun! All while learning how to spell and recognize new words.

Designed for both kids and with parents in mind, the simple and beautiful interface will engage your kids’ minds, developing their cognitive skills with challenging puzzles and fun, vibrant imagery. Your kids will learn valuable vocabulary and spelling skills all wrapped up in the fun of crossword puzzles.

CrossWorld is a powerful educational tool that can be utilized anywhere! Long car rides, at home as a fun game with bonus learning value, or even in a classroom. CrossWorld can be played alone or with the help of a grownup; share your love of crossword puzzles with your children.

CrossWorld includes:

  • Over 300 words and picture clues
  • Endless number of puzzles randomly selected
  • Varying word length for challenging puzzles
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Tap on the picture for hints!
  • Option to learn synonyms!
  • Beautiful, visually stimulating pictures

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