Announcing CrossWorld!

Intro to CrossWorld

Well folks, our first educational game is out for the iPhone! We are so excited to release CrossWorld! It’s been quite a journey, from inception to finished product – all beginning with an idea to produce a picture crossword puzzle app that is fun for both kids and adults to play.

What makes CrossWorld really unique is that players will never see the same puzzle twice. Thanks to our talented development team, kids can work on their spelling and vocabulary skills within a world of colorful, engaging imagery. The endless variety of puzzle combinations will help sharpen your kids’ minds, and with a library of over 300 words (and counting, as we update with new words) of varying length, you can help develop their vocabulary all in the guise of a fun game. Shh, they’ll never realize they are actually learning!

Who is CrossWorld For?

Since vocabulary development is imperative for reading comprehension, we believe that CrossWorld is for any and all ages of young readers. Constant exposure to new words, both directly and indirectly will lead children to develop a larger word bank, and so CrossWorld aims to help broaden young readers’ vocabulary knowledge with:

  • Picture clues that will help children connect meanings to words.
  • Exposure to new, more difficult words, as well as words they already know.
  • Introducing children to synonyms by utilizing the same picture clue and requiring a different answer.
  • Repetition of words in randomly generated puzzles.
  • Combining new words with their existing vocabulary.

We believe that encouraging curiosity at all ages is an important part of learning. And so we include “small” and “big” words that will strengthen a child’s vocabulary. Because we know many of the words within CrossWorld will be new words, we’ve included a “hint” feature within the game, which will allow the player to tap the picture clue, and they will be shown what letters are included in the word. Tapping again will fill in the letters. This will enable kids to play and learn on their own, without the assistance of a grownup. Though we definitely encourage playing with your kids, since part of learning new vocabulary is inspiring the use within conversation.

Our Goal

We hope that CrossWorld will encourage children to be more inquisitive, get them excited about using the new vocabulary they’ve learned in everyday conversations, and build confidence.

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